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How I Charge

They say money can't buy everything - It can surely buy you, once in your lifetime memories captured through my camera!

Unlike most others in the trade, I do not enforce 'Packages' in which you end up paying for what you do not want as well. My pricing is purely based on your requirements.

Contact me and let me know your requirements to receive your 'Personalized Quotation'.

Before that here is a brief guide to it.

  • For Photography and Cinematography, I charge on a 'Shift' basis.
    • Half Day = 4 hours
    • Full Day = 8 hours
  • Again unlike most others, there is NO limit to the
    • Number of photos I click
    • Duration of video I shoot

It is entirely subject to the need and requirement of the event!

We shoot pictures on Full Frame, Hi Resolution format.

Moments captured in these photos are given to the client WITHOUT any Watermark of the photographer or his camera! ;-)

Video is shot on FULL HD 1080p [well unless you want it on 4K]. The video is given on a DVD Disc or a Blue Ray Disc as well as on the client's hard disk drive.

Editing and post Production of the video is highly recommended and a MUST.

A montague / short film highlighting your entire Wedding function can be made.

Do ask me for a personalized digital photobooth album.

Further requirements are charged as required.

Write to me the details through the alongside form.

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